Revenue Management

Revenue Management in the hospitality industry is becoming more strategic and increasingly scientific. Cruise Lines are taking a sophisticated approach to pricing and forecasting demand so that they can manage inventory better and contribute to better revenue yield. Thus, information technology is playing a key role. The Revenue Management function is increasingly becoming complex and analytics driven. Pricing decisions are being driven by data – data on demand, customer’s price sensitivity, competitor pricing and historical data.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro understands the importance and the nuances of Revenue Management and the impact it can have on your business. With our domain expertise and technology capabilities, we help you:

  • With demand based price optimization
  • Deliver geographical pricing flexibility
  • Redesign/optimize user Interface
  • Improve efficiency of the Revenue Management team through automation of prices wherever feasible

Wipro's strength in the analytics space makes it a key differentiator.

Wipro's Revenue Management solution offerings include:

  • Functional Consulting
  • Re-engineering and Re-architecting Revenue Management application
  • Custom building/modernization of Revenue Management application
  • Application Maintenance and Support Services
  • BPO and KPO services across spectrums of multi-channel, multi-geographies, multi-language
  • Big data/Revenue analytics services

Wipro has a partnership with Opera solutions, a leading global Big Data science company. Opera's solution applies machine learning science to extract predictive patterns or signals. It offers a range of solutions delivered as a service that turn these signals into prescriptive best actions to provide business benefits.