Pricing Analytics / Rate Management

Pricing Analytics and Rate Management form core areas of the Car Rental industry. By implementing advanced tools and techniques, Car Rental companies can determine competitive pricing. Several companies have implemented customized demand forecast systems that offer price recommendations based on factors like seasonality, rental location, car type, competitor rates etc. Wipro has domain and technology expertise to help Car Rental companies manage these Rates Management Systems.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro knows the fundamental role that customers play in your success. As such, we help you meet customer demands to win in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Our Pricing Analytics and Rate Management solution helps you:

  • Build and maintain your Rates Management System
  • Implement pricing optimization tools and techniques
  • Build customized applications and platforms to support your business

Our proven methods and tools enable us to consistently and rapidly deliver proven Pricing Analytics and Rate Management solutions. Our solution enables you to:

  • Transform customer data into predictive insights to guide front-line decisions and interactions
  • Predict what your customers want and will do next to increase profitability and retention
  • Maximize the productivity of your people, processes and assets
  • Detect and prevent threats and fraud before they affect your organization
  • Measure the social media impact of your products, services and marketing campaigns
  • Perform statistical analysis including regression analysis, cluster analysis and correlation analysis