Loyalty Management

In a highly competitive Car Rental industry, managing and enhancing customer loyalty has become extremely important. There is a strong need to reinforce brand value, enhance customer experience, strengthen member relationships and increase customer engagement through loyalty programs. However, Loyalty Management has today become commoditized. Car Rental companies therefore need to work harder to offer a differentiated customer experience.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Loyalty Management solution helps you:

  • Effectively track customer loyalty through platforms that support tracking solutions
  • Implement better technology which makes it easier for your customers to view their real-time loyalty point balance, check their e-statements with up to 24 months of activity, and even redeem rewards during reservations

Customer information at the marketing, sales and service levels is crucial to overall business value. Our Customer Loyalty Management solution is designed to help your Car Rental organization deploy full-featured loyalty programs quickly, easily and cost effectively. In addition, our solution provides advanced analytics, so you can gain a deeper understanding of potential, new and existing customers. Armed with these insights, you can:

  • Create highly targeted sales and marketing campaigns to increase customer satisfaction with the overall customer experience
  • Build an engaging, intelligence-driven dialogue with customers to grow your customer base
  • Increase loyalty
  • Improve sales