Managed Infrastructure Services

With increased competition, the Airlines industry is under tremendous pressure to improve services but reduce costs. Additional investments in IT infrastructure are therefore being viewed with caution. However, to meet fluctuating IT demand as routes and passenger/ freight volumes change, Airline operators must have access to elastic IT infrastructure so that financial performance is not impacted.

How Wipro Helps

Our Managed Infrastructure service for the Airlines industry is aimed at:

  • Variabilizing infrastructure cost to meet business needs
  • Improving agility and flexibility
  • Standardizing and simplifying IT infrastructure for better integration
  • Improving infrastructure utilization and reducing costs
  • Leveraging IT infrastructure for business growth, expansion and innovation

Supported by strong domain expertise and specialized capabilities, Wipro's Managed Infrastructure service spans Data Center, End User Computing, Networks, Cloud, Business Advisory and Global System Integration.

Our service is built on the concept of 'Standardization at the Backend' to bring in operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

Wipro's next generation managed service, ServiceNXT™, leverages hyper-automation and machine learning algorithms to address IT operations challenges innovatively.