Flight Watch

Flight operations control centers need to know the exact position of an aircraft to advise on diversions or sudden weather changes. Tracking of flights while they are in the air has always been a challenge for airlines. TOPS Flight Watch is a proactive flight monitoring solution that provides the ability to track live flight progress.

How Wipro Helps

Knowledge of the position of an aircraft, during all stages of flight, is also necessary to ensure the security of the aircraft and the people onboard. Deviations from the flight plan need to be highlighted well in advance so that there is sufficient time to analyze and alert the pilot or authorities. With the ever increasing fleet sizes and air traffic it becomes necessary to have systems and processes in place that help automatically analyze data and proactively highlight deviations. It is also necessary to be able to communicate with the flight deck from the same platform so that information can seamlessly be passed from the application to the pilots for validation or actions.

TOPS Flight Watch provides an airline’s flight watch team with early insights into the dynamic operational environment. It aids dispatchers and operations teams with integrated information to enable quick decision-making and mitigation of potential risks. It also helps improve flight safety and increase work productivity and operational performance for an airline.

Features of TOPS Flight Watch

  • Real-Time Data: Real time Aircraft positions are updated by the system using a combination of ADS-B, M16 and FMC positional messages. Critical airport information, such as, Runway Data, Nav Aids, Operational contacts, latest weather and NOTAM are also made available - making it a reliable source of information for flight dispatchers.
  • Alerts: The application’s alerting module continuously monitors a flight’s progress against its plan during the course of the flight. In case of any variances or any weather patterns en route the flight path, the flight watch officer is promptly alerted about the event that might require the operational team’s immediate attention and action.
  • Integrated Communication: The application provides ACARS communication capability from ground to the aircraft and vice versa.
  • Information Overlays: Operationally critical weather and NOTAM information are made available in the system for impact analysis.
  • Seamless Interfacing: The application is designed to integrate seamlessly with the airlines existing systems, such as LIDO-flight planning system, messaging systems, weather information providers and other proprietary data sources.
  • Easy-to-use, Web-based Application: With a new gen design and an easy-to-use interface, the application runs on a Web browser, making information access and availability easy.

The key benefits that Flight Watch brings to Airlines include:

  • Improve situational awareness- Provides single consolidated view of flights, airports, weather condition, NOTAM's and other information
  • Improve flight safety and operational efficiency- Provides real-time information availability, proactive problem detection and decision support mechanism
  • Improve information availability- Consolidated information is available seamlessly to the users over the web browser
  • Adapt to industry recommendations- Adherence to compliance requirements and the industry standards
  • Monitor congestion- Operations can monitor for any holding patterns or congestion around airports with worldwide airline position information based on ADS-B data