Digital Transformation Services

This is an age of Digital Transformation and the Airlines industry too needs to ride the crest of that wave. Digital Transformation can help Airlines link front-end processes to the back end via Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC). This transformation will help create digital linkages between sourcing, manufacturing, quality, logistics, warehousing, inventory, sales, marketing, supply chain, project planning, finance, human resources, social media and CRM.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro understands that digitizing, integrating enterprise and operational assets and systems into a digital network can be cost intensive. We, therefore, use cost-effective strategies along with technology agnostic solutions to simplify systems and minimize obsolescence.

We help in:

  • End-to-end Digital Transformation with a focus on consumer centricity
  • Superior understanding of customers; superior targeting of customers
  • Increase in topline as a result of the Digital Transformation

Our various Digital Transformation solutions that can be relevant to you are:

  • Digital Asset Management: Enables simplified and consistent workflow and content management/ monitoring that is integrated with ERP and third party vendors. It delivers economies of scale and includes application development and support
  • Encore: Cloud-based, mobile, modular, managed multi-channel e-commerce platform to meet elastic demand for IT infrastructure and services, enable seamless integration with enterprise systems and enhance dynamic collaboration between partners and Airlines
  • CRM, Digital Marketing and Social Media: Consumer communication, social networking and collaboration platforms that engage consumers, generate content, manage user groups and events and extend your reach into new markets by understanding customer needs that help personalization and customization
  • Mobile App Factory: Mobile app lifecycle testing and management to enable scalable reuse of assets and lower cost of IT
  • REACH: An integrated campaign management solution that spans planning, conceptualization, execution and analysis. The solution helps:
    • Reduce campaign costs by about 30% through reuse and repurposing of digital assets
    • Improve time to market campaigns by over 30%
    • Improve efficiency by 20-30% through automated processes
    • Improve process productivity by about 30%