Analytics & BigData

With constantly changing customer preferences and market behavior, Analytics has proven to be a very useful tool for the Airlines industry. Airlines today need insights into markets, customers and their internal operations faster than their competitors to capitalize on opportunities and to deliver sustainable business performance.

How Wipro Helps

With the growing stockpile of data in the Airlines industry, Wipro helps you deploy this important asset for strategic change as well as major operational and productivity gains.

Our Analytics and Big Data solution helps Airlines stay competitive by:

  • Leveraging Analytics to cope with high volumes, velocity and varieties of data
  • Implementing a KPI approach that allows analytical processes to be business relevant
  • Improving revenue

Our Analytics and Big Data solution covers the following areas:

  • E-commerce: Using ENCORE, a cloud-based, mobile and modular managed platform that meets the demand of Airlines for elastic IT infrastructure and services that integrate with enterprise systems
  • Ancillary sales: Using proven Big Data solutions
  • Predictive modeling for consumer and enterprise insights: Using our partnership with leading global data science company Opera Solutions with pre-discovered industry-specific predictive signals and algorithms such as Consumer Signal Hub™ and SignalSensor™
  • Demand Forecasting and Replenishment: Using Demand Signal Management (DSiM)
  • Digital Marketing: Using Wipro's REACH, an integrated, end-to-end digital marketing campaign management solution