Airline Product Portfolio

The Airline industry is plagued by a number of inconsistent software products that deliver enterprise, passenger management and mobility related solutions. These products have exorbitant price tags, lack quality of maintenance service and sometimes fail to deliver the kind of functionality demanded by Airlines today.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro combines its expertise in application management and support with that of Qatar Airways, resulting in new software products to address the needs of Airlines. Our unique partnership with Qatar Airways delivers:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Improvement in service quality
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Faster decision making capabilities

Products developed with Qatar Airways offer a range of features that are complimented by open technology platforms, are innovative, functionally rich, user friendly and help fill the gaps in the IT applications portfolio of Airlines.

  • Mobility solutions include

    • Cabin Crew Mobility
      • Better service
      • Briefing
      • Manuals
    • Deck Crew Mobility
      • Roster
      • Check-in
      • Manuals
    • Flight Dispatch Mobility
      • Activity list
      • Alerts
      • Load plan

    Passenger Operations solutions include

    • Cabin Crew Self Service
      • Roster
      • Electronic Voyage Report
    • Cabin Crew Management
      • Performance
      • Housing
      • Monitoring
    • In-flight Catering
      • Inventory
      • Bonded stores
      • Integration with caterer
    • Loyalty and Rewards Management
      • Member profile
      • Rules management
      • Partner management

    The Enterprise suite of solutions include

    • Route Profitability
      • Profit Heat Map
      • Profitability booklet
      • Dashboard
    • Crisis Management
      • Humanitarian Volunteer Co-ordination
      • Checklists
      • Collaboration
    • Aircraft Maintenance Forecasting
      • Optimal Aircraft Utilization
      • Scheduler
      • Forecasting and Auto-allocation