Electronic Hardware & VLSI design

Wipro offers complete VLSI and System Engineering Solutions in several domains such as Telecommunication, Storage, Consumer Electronics, Medical electronics, Automotive and Industrial automation. With the best-in-class methodology, EagleWisionTM Wipro has one of the best first-pass-success rates for 300+ silicon and 200+ system designs delivered over the last 2 years.

Our Electronic Hardware and VLSI Design services include,

ASIC/SoC Services- including Full Chip Designs, Derivative Designs
We execute projects that encompass architecture and design to implementation, synthesis, physical design and silicon validation. Our portfolio of design wins includes ASIC/SoC/ASSP designs in 45 nm, 65nm, 90 nm, and design sizes in multi-million gates. We are a 'pure-play design house' and have targeted designs to a range of process technologies and libraries.

Example of work done: Wipro has developed a 70 million gate accelerator chip for gaming applications.

Analog Mixed Signal / RF Design
From verification and layout design to turnkey design services, our Analog & Mixed Signal team has delivered designs of power management modules, RF radio, LVDS signaling, ADC / DAC converters down to 45nm processes.

Besides our Analog and Mixed Signal center in India, our Design center in Singapore - Wipro Techno Center provides integrated service for both RF/analog and baseband modem silicon-ready technology.

Know more about Wipro Techno Center Singapore.

Central Engineering Services including:
  • Custom IO and Cell Library Development
  • IP Portfolio Management & Custom IP Development
  • System Modeling Services
  • DFT, Test & Product Engineering Services.

FPGA Design

If you have the next big idea for a product, we can help you realize this in the shortest possible time. Based on the time-to-market, our team would develop any of the following:
  • FPGA development
  • Seamless migration to ASIC
  • FPGA to structured ASIC

System Design
With a track record of successful board designs for 25 years, we offer services from architecture, hardware-software partitioning, design analysis, implementation, mechanical design, reliability and thermal analysis, product compliance and testing.

Example of work done: Wipro has developed complete sub-systems for 3G base stations.

Compliance Testing and Certification

Wipro’s Compliance Lab is a single location test facility. The offerings include:
  • EMI/EMC testing and consultancy services.
  • Mechanical (Acoustic, Vibration & Shock, Rotational vibration),
  • Thermal (64,32 CFT & 640CFT walk in, flow chamber, IR camera ),
  • Reliability (HALT)

Prototyping & Volume Production
Wipro can take up complete ownership of VLSI and System turnkey starting from architecture definition to productization, technical trouble shooting to post sales support and field support.

For more information on our Electronic Hardware and VLSI services, write to us at vlsi@wipro.com

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