Client Conversion and Onboarding

When it comes to outsourcing investment operations, starting a new relationship on the right foot is by no means a simple task. While an asset manager is focused on minimizing disruption to an investment manufacturing environment, an asset servicer benefits by exploiting any opportunity to fully understand the operations being undertaken. This helps the asset servicer to transition and integrate new businesses in a predictable and controlled manner. New clients bring new challenges – from new products and functions to new reporting or SLA expectations.

How Wipro Helps

Leveraging an experienced global team, Wipro brings onboarding accelerators, domain expertise, and experienced practitioners together to deliver a unique, seamless offering.

We help smoothen out challenges associated with new business through:

  • Sales and Due Diligence Services Pursuit due diligence support before onboarding
  • Program Management Services Coordination, communication, and orchestration of the transition program working with the investment manager, service agent platform vendors, and other program participants
  • Functional and Technical Services Support gap analysis, requirements and specification development, application development, data migration / customer conversion to the new platform and testing for key outsourced processes
  • Account Opening Services Open new accounts / onboard new customers of the investment manager onto the platform
  • Data Integration Services Design, develop and implement the data services required to support the exchange of investment data
  • Post-Integrations Services Refine the operating models, benchmarks for SLA management, capacity planning, procedures and controls refresh, and implementation of operations dashboards and exit planning
  • Resilient Framework & Playbook

    • Lean optimized due-diligence and onboarding playbook
    • Service resilience framework especially for outbound transition
    • RapidOMO Onboarding Management Office for Program Management
    • Operations and Readiness dashboard

    Point Accelerators

    • CR360 - Module for rationalization and testing of standard client reports
    • REDX Acquisition and business rules for securities reference data
    • WiDAB Backpack to assess data quality of security master data
    • TransformX Message and data transformation utility
    • Mass Technology Migration tool

    Distributed Workforce Model

    • GiLo Competency Center- Central hub and Centre of Excellence focused on client onboarding. Hubs across UK, US and India
    • GiLo Client Center20 Local satellites with client engagement workforce
    • GiLo Extension - Partner network of 30 niche firms for specific skills or geographies