Sell Side

The Sell Side landscape continues to be impacted by continuous regulatory requirements, compression of margins and an increased focus on cost reduction to fund regulatory spending and make up for lost revenues. There is growing interest across Sell Side in business process utilities as a potential way to reduce capital spending in the middle and back office areas. Firms are also focusing on liquidity and collateral optimization to reduce funding costs and better utilize scarce assets as wisely as possible.

How Wipro Helps

Investments in product control and reporting across finance and risk, which typically involve significant amounts of data processing and manual intervention, are key targets for simplification and streamlining efforts. Sell side firms will be challenged and will need to redesign their processes around these key focus areas in order to balance the competing priorities.

Here's how Wipro can help address these challenges:

  • OTC related Dodd Frank, EMIR , Basel and Volker issues
  • Clearing, Connectivity, Trade/Collateral Reporting, and Reconciliations
  • Enterprise wide compliance platforms
  • Treasury, Collateral Management and Liquidity issues
  • Inventory Management, Workflow, Optimization, and Margin Valuation
  • Contract Management
  • A-List Domain Experts

    • Derivatives and Collateral Managers
    • Treasury Operation Heads
    • Margin Managers
    • Trade Execution and Order Management Professionals

    Areas Covered

    • OTC Derivatives
    • Collateral Management
    • Product Control
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Data Analytics

    Key Differentiators

    • Strong domain expertise
    • Product experts covering core trade capture, settlement, payment and recon platforms
    • Technology Centers of Excellence around Data Analytics, Cloud and Mobile