Market Infrastructure and Vendors

Markets are evolving their infrastructure at an unprecedented pace, thus leading to a change in their ecosystem. Joining this pace of development are exchanges, investment firms, CCPs and market data vendors. The most fluid element is data that goes through several transformations from its origination till absorption. The race to push data with multiple attributes at high speed and with high quality is challenging the industry to consolidate and transform.

How Wipro Helps

Market infrastructure is not immune to the challenges and changes sweeping the capital markets landscape. Established firms need to transform and adapt, while new firms need to look beyond their initial offering or risk being relegated to a second-tier role.

Wipro helps mitigate these challenges by:

  • Partnering with data vendors to transform and help define their strategies and assist them in project execution
  • Smoothening transitions through legacy modernization solutions
  • Developing integrated and automated approaches to improve processes for exchange order management and market data distribution
  • Enabling made-to-order product development in the Market Infrastructure space
  • Leveraging on the experience across the distribution and consumption lifecycle
  • Systems

    • Trading Systems
    • Market Data Platforms
    • Calculation Engines
    • Exchange Order Management


    • Consulting and Advisory
    • Product Development & Implementation
    • Application Development & Maintenance
    • Data Management
    • Testing Services
    • Platform Reengineering
    • Infrastructure Services

    Key Differentiators

    • Deep understanding of Market Infrastructure and data
    • End-to-end tailored solution development and services
    • Partnerships with leading companies