Speak to Locate

Have you ever wandered the aisles of the supermarket looking for an elusive item or in search for a store associate who can help you?  How convenient would it be if you could be guided to the item by simply using the store app with voice recognition technology coupled with in-store navigation?

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Speak to Locate solution is a mobile solution designed to enhance the in-store customer experience with an easy-to-use Speak to Locate product technology. The technology works in tandem with our In-store Navigation solution to provide a visual representation of the store's products or services and helps customers easily navigate with turn by turn directions to the product or service they desire, while receiving relevant offers as the customer moves through the store.

Once the customer speaks and selects a product category to find, they are presented with a list of all products available to choose from. After selection, product information such as description, price, ratings, reviews, customer feedback, availability and option to rate are shown. Like the In-store Navigation solution, Speak to Locate solution:

  • Improves the in-store customer experience
  • Helps convert footfalls into sales by making product search more interactive
  • Provides routes to points-of-interest
  • Tracks customers' location inside the store and provides a way to add turn-by-turn directions along with information to help smartphone users find points of interest

The ease of product search leads to increased conversion rates inside the store as well as generates powerful shopper insights that can help plan product offerings and store layouts.

Our Speak to Locate solution offers the following benefits:

  • Platform independent solution with ease of integration in Retailers existing smartphone applications
  • Leverages Voice Recognition engines to personalize the experience and interactivity
  • Acts like a personal in-store assistant to help your customers find the right products at right place
  • Easy to configure and integrate with digital product catalogues to allow faster search and response time
  • Integrates seamlessly with our In-Store Navigation and Proximity Based Solutions to provide enhanced in-store customer experience
  • Standalone modules can be integrated into your shopping applications to allow hands free shopping experience