In-Store Navigation

Wipro’s In-Store Navigation helps Retailers complete the multi-channel shopping experience by digitizing physical store assets. In-Store Navigation helps drive store visits by enabling shoppers to find what they came in the store to purchase before they walkout. It also increases loyalty and basket size by recommending relevant up-sell products based on a shopper’s in-store search and location. The solution converts shoppers into buyers by engaging and guiding them to products and helping with purchase decisions. It helps create operational efficiencies by giving shoppers a self-help tool.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's In-Store Navigation solution converges in-store technology, augmented reality and location mapping to create a hassle free, in-store shopping experience for the customers.

Wipro's technology platform integrates with Bluetooth® Beacons - small sensors placed strategically throughout a Retail store that are equipped with Bluetooth® Smart technology and compatible with smartphones. Wipro's location platform interprets the beacon, store location and shopper intent to deliver relevant messages which can include welcoming the customer back to the store, asking the customer if they need assistance once they reach the product they are searching for, or displaying coupons or product information such as recipes for items they are currently close to.

The solution improves the in-store customer experience and helps convert footfalls into sales by making product search more interactive. It provides routes to points-of-interest, and by tracking the customers' location inside the store it provides a way to add turn-by-turn directions along with information to help smartphone users find points of interest.

The ease of product search leads to increased conversion rates inside the store as well as generates powerful shopper insights that can help plan product offerings and store layouts.

Our key differentiators:

  • 20+ years of experience in engineering solutions for Retail stores combining POS, In-store systems and Enterprise backend
  • Rated #1 by Zinnov in the Peripherals domain for the past four years
  • Retail Engineering Labs for developing and testing next generation solutions combining in-store technologies and infrastructure
  • Location based identification and store planogram integration to provide seamless customer experience
  • Optimized algorithms to provide convenient shopping experience with extensibility to integrate with wish lists
  • Combines in-door positioning technologies like Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Beacons to provide higher accuracy
  • Proximity based notifications to drive better engagement
  • Ability to measure customer shopping path and generate heat maps
  • Deploy your store-associates based on real time information on customer location inside the stores