Enterprise Energy Management

For Retailers worldwide, energy is the largest and constantly growing expenditure. The rising cost of energy coupled with tightening regulatory policies makes it critical to manage energy consumption and ultimately also improve bottom lines. Some of the key challenges faced by Retailers in managing their energy costs are lack of understanding of how the energy consumption is distributed, expanding footprint, non-standardized store formats, aging energy infrastructure and volatile energy prices.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Enterprise Energy Management solution helps you monitor, manage and reduce energy consumption and associated carbon footprint across all your stores without impacting existing operations. We integrate our Energy Management platform with your stores at a device level to gain granular insights into opportunities for saving energy. The platform is supported by a robust analytics back office of trained statisticians and industry experts. These solutions monitor real-time energy deviations in stores and make corrections either remotely or by alerting in-store maintenance staff.

Our solution helps centralize energy operations. It provides you with an easy view of energy performance and compliance to internal targets across stores. As a part of this service, we also provide other benefits like energy infrastructure availability and regulatory and compliance reporting.

The US Department of Energy's Better Buildings Challenge was launched by President Obama in 2011 with the goal to improve the efficiency of American commercial, institutional, and multi-family buildings and industrial plants by 20% or more over 10 years. The challenge has 14 partners that strive to achieve that goal against the baseline energy consumption. With extensive capabilities in managing Retail outlets, wholesalers as well as cold storages, our performance on energy efficiency targets has established our customers in the A-list of Carbon Performance Leadership Index (CPLI).