Proximity Engagement

As brick-and-mortar stores shift away from being simply places of commerce toward becoming immersive brand experiences, Retailers are offering capabilities that encourage shoppers to share, discover and personalize their shopping experience. Shopping is an inherently social experience and today’s technology innovations can enhance the in-store shopping experience by offering immediate savings and other benefits.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Proximity Engagement solution is a contextual actioning system that provides visibility of the shopper journey to Retailers so as to increase conversions. With our solution, you can provide a hyper-personalized shopping experience to your customers by pushing personalized content, offers, information and promotions to customers' smartphones as they walk through the aisles of your store. This solution leverages technologies like Bluetooth Beacons, Geo-fencing and Wi-fi fencing to beam offers, personalized content to customers as they enter, leave or pass by a store or an aisle.

The key advantage of Wipro's Proximity Engagement solution is providing you a simplified way of engaging customers with real-time offers and proximity sensing, which lead to better conversion rates inside the store.

Our key differentiators:

  • 20+ years of experience in engineering solutions for Retail stores combining POS, In-store systems and enterprise backend
  • Rated #1 by Zinnov in the Peripherals domain for the past four years
  • Retail Engineering Labs for developing and testing next generation solutions
  • Industry partnerships with OEMs for Bluetooth Beacons hardware
  • Real time engagement capturing customer dwell time and profile information
  • Platform independent solution works with both Android and iOS platforms, easy to integrate with existing retailer applications
  • Ease of customization, configuration and integration with existing store systems
  • Easy to deploy, monitor and manage with our beacon management platform