The path to purchase isn’t always a direct route. Shoppers face countless options along their journey, whether it is in-store or online. Each option forces them to make a decision before they can move forward. Sometimes they look for something healthy or convenient. Other times they want something inexpensive and tasty. Is it the packaging that catches their eye? The placement on an online ad? Or perhaps their need is driven by a quest for nutrition. It is important for Retailers to have a clear sense of direction to be able to serve customers in the best possible way.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's P2PShopperMap (path to purchase) not only helps you understand who your shoppers are, but also pinpoints what they’re buying, where, when, why and how. It then helps you reach them. Understanding shopper attitudes, motivations and behaviors is crucial in creating a roadmap that funnels traffic in your direction. With this complete picture, we help you reach your shoppers effectively and improve the performance of your stores, categories and brands.

Wipro's P2PShopperMap is an innovative and much needed solution that:

  • Captures all the activities of the shopper across various channels in real time
  • Analyzes this data and maps the shopper into the various phases of the journey using a configurable rules engine and scoring algorithms
  • Constructs a graph connecting shoppers with the products they interacted with and their buying actions

The outcome is a powerful means to track shoppers thru their purchase journey and enable business users to take remediation steps focused on improving conversion rates.