Context Aware Personalization

Wipro’s Retail solutions are driving mobile’s transformation of Retail by providing leading-edge mobile technologies and solutions that bridge the physical and digital worlds and connect brands with their customers in exciting new ways. By adding real-time context to offers and services to engage customers in the right way at the right time, Retailers can build loyalty and preference by making mobile communications relevant and timely. They can also make competitive offers based on current location and interests and refine and improve their offerings via analytics.

How Wipro Helps

Our Context Aware Personalization solution allows you to drive engagement, sales and loyalty by interacting with your customers with relevant, timely and personalized communications.

The Context Aware platform utilizes a geo-fencing engine, micro-location, interest sensing beacons enabled with Bluetooth® Smart technology and consumer privacy controls.

Our solution improves shopper productivity and enhances shopping experience through micro segmentation and real-time business user insights. The differentiating elements of our solution are:

  • Focuses on Personalization
    • Combines the knowledge of crowds to fine-tune output
  • Domain Specific Recommendation
    • Works on product metadata such as features
    • Identifies multiple feature elements for categories, and can be easily expanded in the future through configurable rules
    • Uses a scoring algorithm to identify products suitable for the customer
  • Complete Product Visibility
    • Recommends products based on individual preferences and not what others have seen already
    • Ensures traversal/recommendations of the entire product hierarchy
  • White-Box Model
    • Full transparency into data-model and services
    • Collaboration to drive best business KPIs