Competitive Pricing

Omni-channel Retail is key to effective merchandizing. It allows shoppers to buy online, in a store, using a kiosk, call center or a catalogue. However, with access to the Internet, shoppers have become highly price aware. Therefore, there is a need to use tools that intelligently spot trends in the virtual and physical realms of Retail to enable competitive pricing.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Competitive Pricing solution provides the capability to manage pricing. The key benefits of our solution include:

  • Integration of competitive pricing gathered in store and online
  • Single dashboard to drill down across channels, products, categories and geographies
  • Ability to gauge pricing across multiple variables
  • Creating alerts using complex market and inventory data

We use advanced analytics to power the pricing dashboard. This dashboard provides a range of views and interactive reports that help explore various pricing facets: what is being priced where, for how long, by whom and who is leading the change.

While gaining insights into competitors' pricing across channels is not a trivial task, the ability to act on this data and operationalize the change is even more arduous. Driving price changes is relatively easy on the online channel as compared to the store channel that presents a number of challenges in making such changes quickly.

Our Competitive Pricing solution covers the entire spectrum around price management starting from price determination to price delivery, be it on the physical shelves or the e-shelfs, thus improving your overall competitiveness within the marketplace.

Pricing data has all the characteristics of Big Data and analytics embedded within it given the number of products that are involved, the number of physical outlets with localization needs, the channels that the Retailer operates in and the competitors themselves. Wipro combines its industry experience of delivering pricing solutions to customers across the globe with its investments in Opera, a leader in Big Data science and predictive analytics. Our attention to every aspect of Retail in creating a dependable, Competitive Pricing solution makes us uniquely placed to making you Do Business Better.