Conversion Uptik Solutions

In the past, Retailers would barely have seconds to address potential customers as they drove past billboards, flipped through the newspaper or watched television. Today, Retailers have many more opportunities as the customer browses online or spends considerable time on Facebook. The implications of this are path breaking. Until now, customer engagement was driven by strategies aimed at large segments for maximum impact. Now, strategies can be aimed at the smallest segment – one customer at a time – based on the shopper or consumer profile, shopping and consumption habits, purchasing behaviors and value. Offers and promotions can be changed in real time, based on customer behavior.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Retail Conversion Uptik Solutions help you leverage your knowledge of consumers and stores to improve customer experience, drive more shopping instances and grow market basket size. The power of analytics behind the conversion begins with traffic intelligence solutions. Innovative Retailers are making great strides using traffic intelligence to understand, accommodate and entice greater spend from customers. Our Conversion solutions include:

  • Context Aware Personalization: Drives shopper and consumer engagement, sales and loyalty by interacting with your customers with relevant, timely and personalized communications when, where and in the ways they are most likely to engage and make purchase decisions. The Context Aware platform utilizes a geo fencing engine, micro-location, interest sensing beacons enabled with Bluetooth® Smart technology, and consumer privacy controls
  • Path to Purchase Shopper Map (P2PShopperMap): Improves the customer basket size by capturing, analyzing, and mapping shopper actions. The solution identifies points where shoppers are dropping off, helps Retailers understand the shopping patterns of shoppers, and visualize shopper flows by category/sub-category
  • Customer Spend Signature: Integrates effective merchandizing and marketing for offering the right product to the right consumer at the right time.
  • Proximity Engagement: Provides shopper journey visibility to Retailers to increase conversion through a contextual actioning system. With our solution, you can provide a hyper-personalization shopping experience to your customers by pushing personalized content, offers, information and promotions to customers' smartphones as they walk through the aisles of your store. This solution leverages technologies like BT Low Energy, Geo-Fencing and Wi-fi fencing
  • Competitive Pricing: Provides you an integrated dashboard of advanced analytics. It provides a range of views and interactive reports to explore and define what is being priced where, for how long and who in the market is leading changes.
  • Credentials

    • Rated amongst the top service providers in Retail
    • Over 15 years of experience providing business and IT services to Retail customers worldwide
    • 99% customer retention


    • Manage USD 27 billion online Retail business
    • More than 11,000 stores supported
    • 1,000+ successful projects: store, merchandising, supply chain, marketing and corporate systems
    • 10,000 + professionals with 50,000+ hours of combined Retail experience

    Enablers and Investments

    • Retail Innovation Labs and solution co-development
    • Retail academy to groom domain consultants
    • Centers of Excellence in key areas of Retail