Security and Compliance

Retailers have had to deal with security issues over the years. High-profile data breaches in the industry are growing in numbers. These breaches can be primarily attributed to a lack of compliance-based and perimeter-oriented security measures. Thus, Retailers are fighting to keep pace with evolving security risks even as attackers look to exploit future vulnerabilities.

How Wipro Helps

At Wipro, our Retail Security and Compliance team works with you to anticipate and manage change. We help bring true business value by:

  • Developing and implementing a detailed data security plan
  • Testing, monitoring and updating protection capabilities
  • Identifying desired operational efficiencies and use IT to improve performance
  • Identifying, securing and controlling access to sensitive data

We provide guidance on how your IT function can be better prepared to respond to business crises (such as identifying theft and data loss), and prevent or mitigate future occurrences

Our Solutions:

Our solutions span across multiple data protection domains including Encryption, Enterprise Key Management, Secure Messaging, Data Loss Prevention, Data Obfuscation, Data Access Monitoring & Control and Digital Rights Management

Wipro works with large organizations managing end-to-end data security and privacy programs delivering near real-time incident response and remediation. Organizations benefit from the expertise and reduced data breach incidents, all the while achieving cost savings due to flexible engagement models. Our solutions:

  • Wipro Enterprise Data Obfuscation
  • Wipro Managed Data Loss Prevention
  • Wipro Enterprise Encryption Program