Supply Chain Execution

Retailers are going beyond traditional sourcing, replenishment and delivery/order fulfilment models as markets become unpredictable, customers become demanding and store formats proliferate. Supply Chain Execution plays a major role in meeting the goals of Retailers where business opportunities are fleeting but must be captured. Investments in supply chains are, therefore, growing with Retailers aiming to build customer confidence, manage costs better and improve business performance.

How Wipro Helps

As part of your Supply Chain Execution strategy, we help you with:

  • Optimal sourcing
  • Unified order view across multiple sales, and fulfilment channels
  • Real-time visibility of shipments; better fill rates; traceability of products
  • Accurate order management, reduced nil-picks and minimal delivery delays
  • Reduced call center and inventory bloat costs

Areas Covered

Wipro's Supply Chain Management Practice uses an 'outside-in' approach to help you think ahead and align your business strategy with your supply chain needs, resulting in measurable near-term gains and long-term transformation improvements. Our experienced consultants and system integrators have helped solve problems, address challenges and capitalize on opportunities in supply chain management for customers worldwide in diverse industries. Our supply chain offerings include:

  • Supply Chain Advisory and Execution
    • Supply Chain Segmentation
    • Lean Operations
    • Order to Cash
    • Purchase to Pay
    • Supply Chain Intelligence
    • Unified Supply Chain
    • Supply Chain Opportunity Diagnostic
  • Collaborative Demand and Supply Planning: We help organizations select and integrate a web-enabled demand and supply chain planning solution to ramp up the forecasting process
  • Logistics and Fulfillment Management: We offer solutions for logistics automation and business system integration. This helps organizations in efficient scheduling and reduction of overhead costs
  • Strategic Sourcing, Procurement and Spend Analytics: When it comes to supply chains, improving ROI can mean improving your return on intelligence as well as your return on investment. Supply chain analytics complements tactical execution with predictive decision-making based on collaborative sharing of information across the entire supply chain network, real-time access to information and benchmarks, and intelligent metrics that measure supply chain performance
  • Supply Chain Visibility: Our solutions enable Supply Chain Partner Integration to gain 'visibility' into the supply chain network