Merchandising & Supply Chain Planning

There are two foundational business capabilities in Retail that determine the ability to compete: Merchandising and Supply Chain. Merchandising gets the customers and Supply Chain gets the products. Now add in unpredictable seasons, finicky customers, and a volatile economy. These make it challenging for Retailers to meet the expectations of customers by providing the right product, in the right place and at the right price.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro helps you transform inflexible, inaccurate, unresponsive Merchandising and Supply Chain processes by leveraging real-time customer and supplier data across the entire value chain. Our Merchandising and Supply Chain solution enables you to create a superior customer experience and increase loyalty, while improving operating costs and gross margins. Our solution is designed to help planning based on real-time collaborative data throughout the value chain. We help you:

  • Meet consumer needs and differentiate your brand from the competition with the best product selection and a unique brand proposition
  • Ensure there is sufficient inventory held in your distribution network to fulfill customer demand and promotional activity
  • Store and ship the product in the most cost-effective manner, while maintaining service levels, and without carrying excess inventory
  • Commission, operate and manage distribution centers and transport fleets cost effectively
  • Achieve product availability and optimized inventory levels to minimize waste
  • Display products in the correct place in the store, with the right price labels and advertising materials
  • Ensure there is always enough stock to meet consumer demand
  • Anticipate Customers' Needs


    Optimizing your Merchandising and Supply networks results in faster delivery times and improved product availability for your customers. It also ensures increased sales, reduced operations costs, and improved inventory turnover for your business.

    Using our consumer and shopper insight-based planning and analytics solutions, you can increase sales, improve gross margins and inventory turn-over. Key benefits of our solution:

    Wipro helps you:

    • Improve the accuracy and speed of your merchandising decisions and actions
    • Create a comprehensive view of product, supplier and location attributes
    • Integrate the view with operational and customer-facing applications
    • Build demand forecasts and assortment recommendations based on buying behavior at the stock keeping unit (SKU), cluster and location level
    • Optimize pricing and promotions across the lifecycle of each product resulting in personalized offers delivered via preferred channels

    Deliver on Changing Demands


    Deliver a consistent brand message of product availability at the right price and at the right time via the right channel.

    • Improve inventory planning with applications that use scenario modeling and analytics-based insights
    • Optimize sourcing strategies, supply and distribution network, transportation routing and inventory levels
    • Match supply to demand with near real-time inventory visibility enabled for product-specific, event-level tracking
    • Streamline customer order, fulfillment and return processes across your enterprise and supplier network regardless of channel
    • Improve sourcing and supplier collaboration