Retailers who get to know their customers intimately and deliver on every interaction and promise are rewarded with loyalty. Delivering a delightful shopping experience means that Retailers need to create a single view of each customer which includes preferences, propensities, transaction history and social media interactions and use advanced analytics to derive actionable insights. They also need to target individual customers with timely, relevant and personalized offers. Customers also need to be enabled to research, buy, track, receive and return purchases wherever, whenever and however they please.

How Wipro Helps

Putting customer intimacy at the heart of your Retail operation results in greater marketing effectiveness, increased sales, loyalty and higher customer satisfaction. Wipro understands this and helps you:

  • Deliver personalized shopping experiences by harnessing your customer data to create a single view of each customer, find patterns and deliver more relevant personalized promotions across all channels
  • Meet the demands of your shoppers and consumers by building an efficient merchandising and supply chain network so that you can successfully match customers to offers and deliver merchandise with greater efficiency, transparency and accountability
  • Transform and optimize operations to improve performance and operational efficiency by bringing efficient and highly-secure tools, technologies and services that have been proven to improve procurement, finance, administration, HR, budgeting, IT and business management functions
  • Anticipate customers' needs and deliver on changing demands. Improve Sales.


    Wipro works closely with you to satisfy your customer's demands by creating an optimized merchandising strategy and building an agile supply chain.

    We enable you to:

    • Anticipate and match customer wants with personalized and compelling offers and promotions
    • Create a more responsive, efficient and transparent supply chain network
    • Deliver on changing customer demands while maximizing investments
    • Increase delivery times and improve product availability
    • Increase sales, reduce operations costs, and improve inventory turnover

    Increase profits. Streamline back-office processes.


    Wipro partners with you to create competitive differentiation by increasing the efficiency of your Retail back office operation and reducing your IT costs to improve your financial position.

    We streamline your Retail back office operations and help you to:

    • Manage your relationships with customers, employees and suppliers
    • Improve visibility to organizational performance
    • Reduce the time and cost of deploying new functions
    • Improve overall IT security
    • Coordinate reporting and planning across your enterprise so that all departments are managed according to a consistent set of business goals and financial metrics