Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Services

In a fast-changing industry landscape, the life sciences industry is battling challenges, namely, falling R&D productivity, patent cliffs, increased regulations, margin pressures, price-sensitive markets and industry consolidation.

Our offering addresses these and works in a seamless continuum to help you:

Accelerate Business - Improve revenues, drive process efficiencies, ensure quality & compliance and foster innovation.

Unlock Value - Continuous process improvement, lower costs with higher productivity, reliable steady state.

Our Healthcare & Life Sciences business unit combines domain focus, best-of-breed technology and delivery excellence in a comprehensive portfolio of services equipped to address the demands of rapidly-modernizing industries. We have an unwavering commitment to long-term relationships and our customers include leading pharma enterprises.

We work with you to drive expertise and momentum to your business with:
  • Innovation: We spur innovation to bring you reduction in bio-marker discovery times, faster drug discovery cycles, higher collaboration amongst R&D teams and optimization of R&D budgets.
  • Patient centricity: We work to bring you enhanced patient outcomes, reduce risk of treatment and lower cost of care.
  • Sales & commercial effectiveness: We address your needs of improved visibility and brand awareness, smart launch sequencing, better response to market events, better pricing models and improved field effectiveness.
  • Compliance: We help you stay compliant through changing regulations with improved post-market surveillance and reduction in error rates for adverse event and complaints reporting.
  • Standardization: We bring you improved efficiencies to achieve optimized operations across divisions and locations through IT and business process harmonization.
Big Data Breathes Life Into Next-Gen Pharma R&D
In the pharma industry today, speed plays an important role as drug patent life is only 20 years and organizations have a short window to earn ROI.
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