Wipro’s Light Weight LTE Core & LTE Test Core

Today’s mobile device users are heavily dependent on the upload/download speeds of their networks. Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks are being adopted by large enterprises in Retail, Utilities, Energy, Defense and Public Safety for their fast and reliant data connections. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have realized that this trend will quickly embrace other industries and are upgrading their packet core network to support LTE and create differentiated services. LTE adoption calls for special attention to interfacing with multiple wireless access technologies, security, specialized hardware and software, small form factor, faster network roll out with minimal human intervention and managing initial capex and long-term opex.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Lightweight LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) Solution is a hardened reference implementation enabling rapid development of highly compact LTE EPC systems for public safety, defense, large organizations and rural markets. Our LTE Test Core is reference implementation that can be used by test equipment vendors to quickly build test equipment for the LTE EPC.

Highlights of our Lightweight LTE EPC solution are:

  • Complete LTE Packet Core Control and Bearer Plane protocols for MME, SGW, PGW and ePDG
  • Support for interfaces towards non-3GPP Trusted, 3G Core
  • Interfaces with HSS, PCRF and AAA server
  • Call processing and simple OAM agent
  • Wipro Policy enforcement and Data Offload Algorithm (patent applied)
  • Solution supported on multiple multicore platforms
  • Supports 100K context at line throughput of 10GiE

The distributed architecture (Control Plane/Applications and Bearer Plane) also enables building standalone products like MME, SGW and PGW for equipment vendors who have whitespace in their LTE EPC product portfolio.

Wipro's Lightweight LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) solution is an optimized low footprint solution capable of hosting multiple network element functionality on a single hardware platform. It has the following benefits:

  • Easily customizable with small footprint
  • Minimal effort to productize on custom and COTS platforms
  • Scalable and flexible solution taking care of dynamic network roll-outs
  • Support for all the interfaces required for seamless migration to LTE and LTE-A technologies from existing 3G technologies
  • Strictly segregated application from hardware
  • Future roadmap supporting advanced network analytics for improved customer experience management and horizontally scalable private cloud based feature
  • Customized security modules providing market differentiating features