Wipro LTE – Small Cells

With the growth in demand for mobile broadband, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) will need to introduce heterogeneous networks to meet the challenges of capacity and coverage. This means opting for low power, small form factor LTE Small Cell solutions that can be deployed indoors or outdoors with the capacity to include the operator’s existing backhaul technology such as Ethernet, xDSL, GPON and microwave to connect to EPC. The solution must support Self Organizing Network (SON) functionality for faster roll outs and reduced initial CAPEX and long-term OPEX. The solutions must be able to support multiple technologies such as 3G/HSPA+ and seamlessly handover sessions from macro coverage to small cell coverage and vice-versa.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's LTE Small Cell Reference Software solution is ready for customization and co-development with CSPs and TEVs to meet capacity and coverage needs. The solution's key highlights include:

  • LTE Rel-8 & 9 compliance protocols for RRC, PDCP, RLC, MAC, S1AP, X2AP, eGTPU
  • Call Processing Engine, OAM Modules in collaboration with Nash Technologies
  • Reference RRM algorithms and Mac schedulers
  • Reference SON Algorithms
  • Integrated with third party LTE PHY Layer
  • LTE physical layer from Azcom Technologies
  • Support of TDD and multi- mode by Q1'2013
  • Solution supported on multiple target platform TI SoC and other multicores
  • Support of 100Mbps/50Mbps of throughout in DL/UL

Our customizable LTE Small Cell Reference Software solution delivers the following benefits:

  • Pre-integrated software over target SoC platforms for quick roll out and reduced time to market
  • Minimum effort to productize custom and COTS platforms
  • Ready to deploy 3GPP compliant protocol stacks
  • Support for all interfaces required by future LTE-A technologies from exiting Release-8 roadmap
  • Segregated applications from hardware
  • Easy integration with components like RRM, SON and OAM