Virtualization/SDN – NFV

Existing network solutions are based on proprietary hardware appliances. This prevents service providers from rolling out new services due to the high procure-design-integrate-deploy cycle time compounded with additional investment costs, increasing high energy costs and shorter hardware shelf life. Going forward, service providers are considering deployment of solutions based on SDN/NFV which will enable immediate revenue opportunities, build business agility and makes their business more agile due to reduced capex/opex.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro offers Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) which provides applications with real-time visibility into networks and allows them to program the network on demand. The shift from a hardware dependent network to a virtualized software defined network gives you flexibility, lowered costs, better resource utilization and simpler network management. However, the transition to a virtualized network environment needs to be phased with special attention to the impact it has on traditional OSS solutions. This also needs to transform in order to leverage the flexibility provided by NFV.

Wipro offers a comprehensive suite of design and development services for evolving SDN/NFV technology for Enterprise and Carrier Networks. Our solution accelerators include:

  • Cloud-enabled Test Simulator
  • Building blocks of Management and Orchestration (MANO)
  • WAN SDN Integration Framework
  • Next Generation Integrated Management
  • NFV Telecom Insight with Analytics

We have also developed solution accelerators to partner with the key players in the telecom ecosystem and accelerate the evolution to a "Software defined anything" environment.