The highly competitive and fast-moving telecom industry needs to innovate, focus on quality and shrink cycle times while reducing product development costs. R&D budgets are also under pressure forcing Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) to take advantage of R&D partners in low-cost destinations and optimizing rapid development processes using methods such as Agile. Many NEPs are turning to smart acquisitions to strengthen their product portfolios leading to challenges in integrating complex processes and tools.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro has vast experience in end-to-end management of R&D tools and infrastructure. We have helped organizations improve their R&D efficiency and customer satisfaction. You can transform your R&D tools and processes in order to meet evolving market demands. Our focus areas are:

  • Agile R&D - R&D transformation and virtualization, SaaS model provision, managed services and platform solutions
  • R&D IT as a Business Service - Transfer of existing contracts, assets and personnel to Wipro to create a managed service agreement including business aligned KPIs
  • Improve R&D Efficiency - Improve productivity of R&D teams
  • Cloudification of R&D Environment

    • Due to shrinking R&D budgets, Network Equipment Providers are moving to a more scalable R&D environment architecture that allows cost flexibility.
    • We have implemented agile R&D environments that maximize adoption of cloud and SaaS solutions

    Service Management to Business Outcome Mindset

    • R&D organizations want to align with business priorities. They are looking to move away from a service management mindset to a business outcome mindset.
    • Wipro helps implement R&D IT as a business service to ensure that you meet your business priorities

    Transforming R&D Process Efficiency

    • Price competitiveness and faster speed of innovation for better R&D efficiency
    • We adopt best-of-breed practices and frameworks