Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) are faced with multiple pressures: they must adapt to newer technologies, meet growing customer expectations and operate in an environment of increased competition. In order to deal with these pressures, NEPs must partner with industry specific IT and BPS solution providers who can help optimize their enterprise IT and business process landscape.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's IT and Business Process Services for NEPs is supported in more than 90 countries to provide:

  • IT services that are business KPI focused
  • Measurable business performance and IT value
  • Cost reductions in IT management and customer support
  • Agility through cloud adoption and SaaS solutions
  • Innovative outcome-based financial models

Service Components:

  • Agile IT:
    • IT infrastructure and applications transformation and virtualization
    • SaaS model provision of major technology stacks, managed services and managed platform solutions
  • IT as a Business Service:
    • Transfer of existing contracts, assets and personnel to Wipro to create a managed service agreement
    • Business aligned KPIs to help meet business goals
  • IT Value Improvement:
    • NEP business process consulting and optimization
    • Outsourcing to lower process cost while introducing scalability and process excellence (e.g. Quote-to-Cash process)