B – OSS Engineering

Telecom network operators depend on hardware, embedded software, business systems and operations systems for their business. Strong Business Support Systems and Operations Support Systems (B/OSS) ensure functions such as sales, marketing, billing and inventory (BSS), service delivery and end customer management (OSS) run efficiently. B/OSS must be engineered, customized and integrated to meet the needs of each network operator. Today, the bigger challenge before operators is to integrate dedicated B/OSS acquired for each service in order to keep complexity and cost down and, in addition, keep pace with changing network technology, standards and compliance requirements.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro delivers B/OSS engineering, integration and development that aids operators manage their business and their networks more efficiently through:

  • Alignment with emerging network technologies
  • Standards-based architecture for smooth interfaces across customer, partner and network facing systems
  • Flexibility in managing changing business relationships
  • Meeting growing compliance requirements

Wipro's B/OSS Engineering Services include:

  • EMS/NMS engineering
  • NMS analytics
  • Customer analytics
  • B/OSS application scaling for Big Data solutions
  • M2M device management
  • Cloudification of B/OSS applications


  • A seamlessly integrated reference solution
  • Has processes for the entire Concept to Bill business flow, incorporating TM Forum's eTOM specified business processes and SID compliant data models
  • This provides the extensive system and process coverage required to run CSP OSS and BSS domains