Digital Mining Operational Excellence

Mining organizations are facing challenges in maximizing revenues, increasing profitability and maintaining shareholder returns, while minimizing cost and impact on workforce safety and environmental damage. They can address these challenges by assessing the Mining, beneficiation or metallurgical specific processes and through information systems for the mobile fleet, fixed plant and rail and shipping logistics.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro assesses the Mining, beneficiation or metallurgical site specific processes and information systems to recommend and implement solutions that improve energy visibility, asset utilization and reduce handling losses/ waste while embedding good reporting practices.

Our Digital Mining Operational Excellence Service makes this possible by:

  • Implementing services in the areas of Asset Utilization, Production Reporting, Maintenance Support, Shift Handover Logs, Energy Reporting and Metal Accounting, Material Traceability and Genealogy using industry standard Mining Execution Systems (MES) packages and Data Historians
  • Implementing services for fleet tracking powered by Wipro’s Spidernet Solution
  • Integrating and implementing services and systems for communication infrastructure related to underground mines
  • Implementing Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS) and integrating them to standard MES solutions
  • Implementing and integrating In-pit Fleet Tracking and Optimization Systems for open cut operations
  • Implementing services for tracking of assets in underground mines, capturing operational data by minimizing user intervention and improving productivity

Mining organizations benefit from implementing site specific solutions to drive excellence in operations, asset optimization and logistics management along with improved processes for communication, energy utilization and reporting.

We enables these through:

Mining Execution Systems (MES)

Comprises MES packaged-based solutions and historians depending on business challenges specific to the site operation, which may include production reporting, asset utilization, metallurgical accounting, energy reporting etc. Depending on specific business problems, our solution could include:

  • Asset Utilization and Production Reporting and Shift Handover/Operator Logs
  • Process Information Management Systems using Data Historians
  • Quality Integration and Optionally Implementation
  • Maintenance Support (Run Hours and Condition Based Monitoring)
  • Energy System Integration (Energy Consumption)
  • ERP Integration with Operational Systems
  • Metal Accounting and Balancing

Material and Asset Tracking

Mining businesses have varying needs to track material at intermediate points such as site entry, exits, weighbridges) or need to continuously track vehicles carrying containers and materials with or without geofencing in place and for train load outs. Our solutions to track materials are based on the mining methods used.

Underground operations have unique challenges such as monitoring and recording safety parameters, production in real time, health status of equipment, communication etc.

Our solution offers:

  • Communication Infrastructure for voice, video, data and safety to the surface
  • RFID/WiFi components to track movement of vehicles underground
  • Additional sensors for payload depending on equipment capability
  • Components for extracting vehicle health data for condition-based monitoring
  • Consolidate the information in a control room setup
  • Integration with Data Historians/MES