Digital Mining Integrated Operations

With common challenges of retaining skilled resources, integrating acquisitions and consolidating a geographic expanse, the focus is now on Integrated Operations (IO) as Centers of Excellence for cross-geography collaboration between functional siloes within the mine-metallurgical complexes. IO refers to redesign of work processes to break information silos between functional departments/locations and enable collaboration in real time to enhance decision making and optimize production operations as a whole.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro’s Digital Mining IO Consulting Service brings rich experience with the Oil and Gas Industry. We conduct an IO Maturity Assessment by leveraging our IO Maturity Model. We deliver a priority list of IO solutions for the target asset(s) and roadmap for an IO program to deliver the selected solutions, including:

  • Program Management -- for IO including aspects of Organizational Redesign, Change Management and Technical Advisory services
  • Implementing IO solutions -- which may include Collaborative Decision Environments, Integrated Planning and Scheduling, Real Time Data Management, Mining Systems Integration, Control room Infrastructure Design and Implementation etc.

Collaborative Decision Environments (CDE)

We help set up collaborative operations and surveillance centers, which entails aspects such as transformation of traditional organization roles, redesigning operational processes that impact mining such as dispatch, blasting etc.

We enable Data and Application Integration into collaboration portals for visualization and workflows to effect a working environment where collaboration can take place. For building a CDE, we help in:

  • Collaboration: Design and embed key collaborative events, document existing and desired processes, procedures and guidelines, provide technical training to asset staff, communicate organizational commitment to collaboration, behavioral change coaching
  • Infrastructure and Equipment: Detailed facility design, detailed audio/video technology design, facility construction/renovation, audio/video equipment installation and configuration
  • Workflow and Data Visualization: Exception-based surveillance comprising detailed surveillance timing and workflows, exception detection algorithms, Operations Advisory System. Data visualization and manipulation comprising Integrated Application Portal and Contextual Real-time Data displays tied to surveillance workflows
  • Information Integration: Understand as is and to be use cases and business processes and Web Parts & Web services to feed visualization layer
  • Data and Application Management: Introspects application identification and architecture design and cloud utilization, application security and alignment with business and reporting needs
  • Data Capture and Quality Assurance: Comprises gathering information related to sensor needs and locations, establish database schema, versioning and data quality processes