Digital Mining Insight (Analytics)

Modern day Mining is hampered by market volatility, where it’s a boom or bust mentality for Mining organizations – invest heavily in boom times, cut to the bone in gloom time. To balance this, Mining organizations need to prioritize and time their investments or expense reductions in a manner that maintains production and efficiencies. Today’s Mining industry requires insights to proactively smoothen volatility and help trade-off investments in the right business value drivers. These insights can also help businesses reallocate scarce capital and OPEX into areas that maximize revenues.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro’s answer to maintaining a balance between boom and bust is Digital Mining Insights. Our Digital Mining Insights Service specializes in:

  • Unearthing value in your business activities
  • Aligning your strategic goals to analytic investment priorities
  • Unlocking the value in your data by turning it into informative insight
  • Spotting inefficiencies and supporting optimal decisions
  • Providing miner's decision support models

Analytics is helping the Mining Industry address productivity, health, safety and environmental issues, investigate and improve processes and forecast management and operational changes. Our Digital Mining Insights comprise:

Mining Analytics (includes Cyest)

  • Miners need support for any changes in people and processes. Our Digital Mining Insights (Analytics) helps through performance management in operations and enterprise activities and by unearthing inefficiencies.

Mine Optimization

  • Mine Optimization reviews the link between planning and operations, and the delivery against these plans. It includes detailed operational reviews from qualified mining engineers.