Digital Mining Data Management

There are several challenges in archiving, retrieving and managing, structured and unstructured forms of exploration and asset engineering data. In addition, asset handover from Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) to owners/ operators, vendors, sub-contractors for ongoing maintenance can be overwhelming. Mining organizations benefit from assistance, starting with project inception, to translate owner/operator (O/O) handover requirements as class libraries in contracts and in establishing information management work flows and processes.

How Wipro Helps

To address the needs of Digital Mining Data Management, Wipro sets up asset registers, documents, workflows, validation rules and defines data receptacles, templates and class libraries. We also build and customize project interfaces and implement them in Engineering Data Warehouse (EDW) and Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS).

The areas our Digital Mining Data Management Service impacts are:

  • Engineering Data Quality: Improved visibility and control of information, lower data turnover costs and improved adherence to EPCs contractual obligations
  • Engineering Information Management: Implementation of leading tools and associated Shared Services for Data/Document Control across the complete lifecycle of the project ensuring the right information is available at right time to the right stakeholder
  • Systems Thinking: Big Data approach to management of information for linking and combining disparate technical data sources and types to uncover previously hidden relationships and patterns between data

Investments in data management cannot be overlooked by today’s Mining Industry – these investments can make the difference between ongoing profitability and lowered productivity. Managing the vast amount of data and making it reliable for business decisions is enabled by the following service components:

Engineering Information Management Strategy

  • Offers assessments of maturity against proven practices in order to outline a roadmap for transformation, for structure and control of engineering electronic and hard copy information – designs, drawings, schematics, etc.
  • Provides program planning, the deployment of platforms for document management and search, business intelligence, taxonomy design and product selection
  • Executes engineering information projects for enterprise content management, document and data services and sustaining existing services
  • Assists with asset acquisition, divestiture and governance over enterprise programs

Data Cleansing and Consolidation

  • Assists mine owners in validating the data turned over by EPCs against contractual requirements and also loads the same into EAM and CMMS systems utilizing our data cleansing, data validation and transformation services. We work with your Implementation Managers throughout the project lifecycle to ensure the highest data quality at all times.
  • Consolidates the Engineering, Design and Operations data from your EPCs, vendors, and sub-contractors etc. to enable an integrated handover into O/O Systems.
  • Digitizes and provides as-built modeling services for Brownfield facilities

Geological Data Management

  • Establishes standard data definitions for agreed key data types including business ownership, decision rights and managing the same under change control processes
  • Establishes standard data sources for agreed data types and agreed standard processes for adding new data. This includes data movement standards with third parties for analysis, laboratories etc. Alternatively, establishes data management services that can “map” data to standards
  • Establishes standard collection and import/export processes in conjunction with tools and development of a service integration layer to “connect” disparate data and services and GIS and/or sophisticated search tools for access across data stores