Product Complaints Management

Product recalls are on the rise across industries, but in the case of Medical Devices there is need for swifter and more accurate response before defects can lead to adverse health outcomes and present a potential threat to patient safety. Medical Device providers can benefit from sophisticated systems that track and resolve complaints precisely while maintaining extensive compliance records.

How Wipro Helps

Our Product Complaints Management Solution helps you with:

  • Complaints intake and registration, mailroom service
  • Complaints processing and complaints investigation
  • Medical Device reporting
  • Customer communication on resolution and complaint closure

We understand the key post-market surveillance challenges faced by Medical Devices manufacturers.

We help:

  • Define practical and lean resource intensive process for complaints handling
  • Core post-market team focus only on critical activities like adverse event investigation and active monitoring
  • Handle price pressures
  • Improve patient outcomes through quality monitoring and predictive analytics of complaints
  • Improve operational efficiency through complaint intake and management process harmonization. Also, help you improve average handling time (AHT) per complaint
  • Drive down costs through effective outsourcing and process optimization