Field Service Transformation

Medical Devices operate in complex and unpredictable environments. These include diverse networks (for device connectivity, patient monitoring and data management) to a variety of application platforms and interfaces with the caregiver’s systems. Failure within this complex system leads to disruption in patient services, poor patient experience and lowered product adoption. Reliable Field Services to support connectivity, operations, information exchange, data management, upgrades, maintenance and remote repairs are essential to the success of Medical Devices manufacturers.

How Wipro Helps

Our Field Service Transformation Solution ensures that device functionality and integrity are maintained while there is no disruption in patient monitoring and management. These solutions extend to analytics and proactive services to include:

Connecting and Managing Remote Devices

  • Automated monitoring, remote diagnostics and repair, software installations, upgrades and maintenance
  • Connected device platform to enable seamless integration of devices and enterprise applications like CRM and ERP

Leveraging Analytics for Proactive Services

  • Analytics-led device usage and performance insights enable Medical Devices companies to transform reactive services to a predictive service model
  • Analytics-driven business insights using service data to improve Field Service performance at reduced cost

Our Field Service Transformation Solution is aimed at three critical aspects of device adoption and on-going usage - consistent device performance that leads to ease of use for customers (patients); increased device reliability for caregivers; and lowered cost of field service management.

The outcome for Medical Device providers are:

  • Enhanced customer experience and increased loyalty
  • Higher service usage, leading to increase in revenue
  • Lowered cost of on-going field service and device maintenance
  • Extended device lifecycle to support different business models (renting, pay per use)