Post Market

Medical Device companies face an increasing number of regulatory requirements to address product safety, especially because of a recent increase in product failures. The diversity of Medical Devices, the iterative nature of product development, the increasing use of modern technologies in embedded devices and the relatively short product life cycle make Post Market Surveillance (PMS) of Medical Devices a challenging task.

How Wipro Helps

At Wipro, we help drive down costs of post-market operations by leveraging our outsourcing and process standardization. Our services are designed to address all your Post Market Surveillance needs including:

  • Outreach Management
  • Medical Information Fulfillment Services
  • Product Complaint Management
  • Telemedicine/Remote Patient Monitoring Services
  • Medical Device Tracking Services
  • Recall Support Services

We help achieve better patient outcomes through predictive modeling of complaints and adverse events.

  • Product Complaints Management


    With an increasing number of recalls for devices / drugs, it is imperative to focus on the safety and effectiveness of Medical Devices. Our end-to-end Product Complaint Management Solution helps you better deal with patient outcomes and drive down costs.

    Our service offerings include:

    • Global 24x7 complaints intake and registration
    • Complaints Management of reportable and non-reportable events
    • Complaints investigation

    Remote Patient Monitoring

    Remote Patient Monitoring and Care Management have evolved with the advent of new age technologies and health monitoring systems at home. With the increase in mobility, connectivity and portability of patient monitoring devices, medical OEMs and providers are seeking cost-effective and sophisticated Connected Services.

    Our service offerings are:

    • Monitoring by clinicians and nurses
    • Diagnostic reporting
    • Contact Center for patient assistance and physician notification

    Outreach management

    We help you draw up training and awareness programs to maximize access and penetration into market during product launches.

    Our service offerings in this area includes:

    • Imparting training (store, stream, deliver content) as a service
    • Key Opinion Leader Management as a service
    • Content development and packaging
    • Unique outreach platforms to increase patient pool