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Medical Device Services

Healthcare policy reforms and emerging technologies have transformed the Medical Device industry into a highly competitive market. As per industry analysts, Medical Devices is a $ 320 Bn market and accounts for 5% of the global healthcare market. Technology advancements like artificial organs, home monitoring & increasing awareness on health issues are opening up new opportunities for remote patient monitoring solutions.

The industry is facing increasingly stringent regulations, challenges from the rise of the economic buyer, stagnation of innovation, competition from emerging market players – the need to invest in sophisticated IT and IT infrastructure has become a necessity. There is a need to focus on Cost reduction, Outsourcing R & D, innovation and New Business Models. Needless to say, the new growth of value buyers is going to come from emerging markets.

Wipro’s best in class portfolio of solutions addresses the strategic needs to revitalize innovation through value engineering of products, improve patient centricity through mobile and cloud technologies, standardize and streamline regulatory processes. Solutions like field services transformation from Wipro are helping customers achieve commercial effectiveness. Wipro’s regulatory and QARA practice is enabling global medical devices players to achieve compliance.

Here’s a quick snapshot of our service portfolios and focus areas.


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