Product Development Solutions

For the Manufacturing industry, product engineering is of prime importance to sustain profits and growth. However, it is dogged by crucial industrial challenges to bring down costs including frugal engineering, Tear Down Analysis and Should Costing solutions. The industry needs to leverage on optimizing the product pricing, reliability and safety parameters during the entire product lifecycle to meet these challenges.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro helps you meet these emerging markets trends. We help you with:

  • Product benchmarking thus reducing input and raw material costs
  • Rapid changes in consumer behaviour and styling and hence shorter life of product extensions
  • Product value perception
  • Product complexity levels and regulatory compliance
  • Demand on reliability and safety
  • Insufficient insight on local market dynamics and trends
  • Modularization
  • Time to market
  • Right pricing to reduce margin pressures by design

The benefits of our Product Development solution are:

  • Our solutions are tightly coupled at various stages of the Manufacturing value chain to deliver approximately 15-20% cost savings
  • For design stages, we help with design optimization, part standardization and modularization. We provide an experiential database with alternate sourcing solutions that enable inputs and decisions around Make vs Buy Analysis, BOM Error Correction and Inventory Planning
  • In Manufacturing stages we provide solutions for raw material standardization, scrap utilization, standard parts optimization across plant facilities and Inventory Analysis
  • Leveraging product marketing perspective solutions around competitor benchmarking and product cost comparisons and like grade quality analysis for features
  • Integration with Sales & Aftermarket solutions including Failure Data Analysis and Service Call Rate Analysis
  • Committed savings in direct material cost by 10-12% resulting in lower total cost of ownership
  • Proven expertise with certified professionals across consumer, industrial and hi-tech industry
  • Access to global database on material and process cost