Wipro Looking Glass-Industrial Internet Platform

Organizations today are under tremendous pressure to deliver a higher quality of aftermarket services using existing resources. Our platform provides manufacturers, across sectors (construction equipment, mining equipment, industrial products, white goods, storage systems), a real-time view of the health of their products and enables them to make smarter decisions using streaming analytics.

How Wipro Helps

Key features:

  • Connect - Easy retrofit of existing installed base. Uses lightweight software agent solutions resulting in low cost per connection
  • Scale - Can scale billions of objects and assets with hundreds or thousands of data points per asset and provides the ability to quickly onboard the platform
  • Flexible - Integrates with existing applications and data, and offers the ability to easily create new value-added applications
  • Real Time - Ability to support real-time data analytics with fast in-memory database technologies
  • User experience - Endless visualization possibilities
  • Security - Allows role-based data access to the authorized users

Wipro Looking Glass provides enterprises with an Industrial Internet platform with the following features:

  • Scalable - Can handle high data volume and velocity
  • Secure - Enables complex authorization schemes while managing security
  • Operational intelligence - Enabled by real-time streaming analytics and complex data asset modeling

If a typical industrial equipment manufacturer has an annual revenue of over $10 billion, our research and experience working with customers across industries shows that there is an opportunity to reduce the cost of service by $140 million. It can be achieved through the enablement of predictive maintenance, improved parts planning and better preventive maintenance scheduling by leveraging the power of the Industrial Internet.

With our Industrial Internet platform, customers can monitor their assets to improve efficiencies, drive operational performance to bring down the overall service costs and use advanced analytics to transform their service businesses through new revenue models.

Wipro delivers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, which includes on-premise, cloud, devices and services to accelerate your efforts to implement and use the Industrial Internet.