Warranty Platform (BPaaS)

Warranty systems in most companies have insufficient capability for process improvement. Inability to adopt analytics and business rule driven processing hinders warranty management considerably. Wipro’s warranty BPaaS platform can help reduce warranty administrative cost and improve processing efficiency by integrating business processes, applications and advanced analytics on a single platform.

How Wipro Helps

Our offering brings together next generation warranty business processes, a patented product quality framework, advanced analytics and best-in-class partnerships for implementation and warranty product development.

Our BPaaS business model enables customers to transform their warranty processes faster, while minimizing the capital investments, management overheads and potential risks.

Wipro delivers this platform as an end-to-end hosted service, which includes business process management as well as the warranty application. We have a long standing partnership with leading global warranty application providers in the market.

Our solution enables customers to:

  • Improve warranty processing efficiency and reduce cost of warranty administration by up to 25%
  • Improve revenue from extended warranty and annual maintenance contracts at the end of warranty, by up to 10%
  • Improve customer and partner experience through faster, efficient processing of claims in the short term and by incorporating warranty feedback into product design, in the longer term
  • Improve supplier recovery by up to 10%

Wipro offers warranty management solutions at 3 levels:

  • Enhance the existing warranty management system and take over the end-to-end warranty management processes and run them as a service
  • Offer warranty management as BpaaS service which comprises business process, application and analytics engine
  • Implement on-premise warranty management solutions for customers

Wipro Warranty BPaaS platform covers warranty processes of:

  • Warranty administration and claims processing: Reduced administrative cost and processing inefficiency
  • Supplier recovery: Automatic tracking of part-suppliers and follow-up to ensure increased recovery
  • Partner monitoring and management: Rules for automatic settlement and chargeback, reduced overpayments and claim approvals
  • Warranty analytics: Partner performance, fraudulent claims identification and early warning systems