Installed Base Monetization

Manufacturers are struggling to tap revenues from installed bases due to error-ridden, fragmented and siloed data. Our solution helps manufacturers track their installed base by consolidating the installed base data across the globe. It includes cleansing and optimizing the data for after-sales value. Analytics deployed on this after-sales-ready data is used to create targeted sales opportunities.

How Wipro Helps

Key features:

  • Data integration - Integrate multiple data sources; enable systems to accept installed base details
  • Global migration - Extract relevant data from multiple country databases and create a standardized data model
  • Global Installed base repository - Cleanse the data and create a single installed base repository with multiple views and access to key personnel
  • Advanced analytics - Develop a pipeline of revenue opportunities from the installed base
  • Reporting - Track metrics with the greatest impact on renewal opportunity, sales results, and operational performance

Wipro provides end-to-end integrated solutions for managing the installed base as well as for developing the required surround capabilities to improve the service revenue. Our solution encompasses not just the cleansing, migration, consolidation and management of installed base data but also integrates field service and service sales. This helps us to proactively identify contracts that are due for expiry and perform the appropriate follow-up actions for contract renewals and upgrades. Usage of analytical reporting tools helps provide a complete overview of potential sources of service revenue from the installed base, the necessary actions to be taken and the current status on the recommended actions.

Our solution can be integrated with digital marketing tools to provide information on promotions, upgrades, renewals and delivery of service quotes.

Wipro’s installed base management solution can help increase service revenue by up to 10% to 15% through:

  • Proactive campaign management by predicting renewal results based on installed base intelligence
  • Improving end-of-product life campaign and by increasing new product sales
  • Converting end of warranty to annual maintenance contract