After Market Solutions for Automotive Sector

Often automotive manufacturers lose contact with their customers after making a sale. Now, they can stay connected with their customers, as Wipro offers a complete range of connected vehicle solutions to monetize the Big Data derived from vehicle telematics. We enable OEMs to improve customer experience with solutions for platform software flashing, service parts planning, incentives, customer segmentation and recall prediction.

How Wipro Helps

Key features of connected vehicles solution:

  • Offers subscription-based services on a per-vehicle-per-month or per-vehicle-per-year-basis
  • Provides the facility of back-to-back billing to all service providers
  • Offers a telecom-like billing engine and subscription management model
  • Provides plans-based service deployment, customization and bundling of services
  • Supports both TCU and tethered model (customers’ data plan used in the tethered model)
  • Offers Wipro-branded as well as OEM-branded (white labeled) platform implementations
  • Offers aftermarket dongle-based solution, which provides low cost, easy way to install and collect vehicle’s vital data

Wipro offers integrated, end-to-end solutions for connected vehicles:

  • Platform Setup: Platform build and customization, partner services, service catalog definition, bundling and unbundling of services, billing plans, promotions, pricing configurators, customer onboarding, new product introduction, white labeling and customization
  • Operate: Platform deployment and operation, hardware, software, cloud and operations, platform run-time support for 24x7 follow-the-sun operations, patches and upgrades, capacity planning and scaling
  • Support: Contact center operations, service activation and deactivation, billing and collections, inbound and outbound promotions, customer retention, cross-sell and upsell

Other Automotive sector solutions:

  • Platform Software Flashing:
    This solution helps provide improved scheduling for on-time vehicle software updates and to deliver better quality assurance
  • Customer Experience Solutions:
    This helps perform target marketing activities for those customers with high propensity to buy as well as helps reduce cost of acquiring new customers
  • Service Parts Planning:
    Our parts planning solution helps customers improve parts fill rate and availability, reduce parts inventory carrying cost and improve parts sales and revenue
  • Recall Prediction:
    This solutions helps identify potential recalls in the early stage and hence reduces cost of service and failure liability