Virtual Factory

Every IT implementation project faces issues like slower deployment rate, miscommunication between teams, difficult change management, rework, etc. Our Virtual Factory solution is a mix of framework, platform and product that not only resolves these issues but also ensures a higher return on investment. It provides a simulated environment that enables creation of highly standardized templates and rapid configuration of manufacturing plants through automation.

How Wipro Helps

Our Virtual Factory solution not only reduces the deployment timeline considerably but also helps validate the change and gain early buy-in from end users as they can now see the outcome before the change is implemented.

Key Features:

  • Workflow digitization
  • Rapid Integration through Wipro’s OT-IT platform
  • Auto-configuration and test of systems
  • Early validation of functionality, performance and user interface
  • Ease of Change Management: User buy-in, training and communication
  • What-if scenarios and simulation models to analyze the impact of a change
  • Minimal chances of rework


  • Faster implementation at a reduced cost with less number of resources
  • Flexibility and repeatability of the solution provides ease of maintenance
  • Better collaboration among teams through visual validation and digitization
  • Enables early buy-in from end users
  • Provides a mechanism for data driven decision-making before a change is implemented
  • Ensures future readiness