Standardization and Transformation

Every manufacturer wants to have all of his factories follow a uniform set of standards, but with the reality of numerous legacy systems and plant-specific challenges, standardization appears too difficult and cumbersome to achieve. Although the business benefits of standardization are quite evident, fear of disrupting operations often prevents and delays transition toward a complete standardization of business systems and processes.

How Wipro Helps

We understand this challenge in standardization and have brought together a transformation methodology for you that delivers results without disruption and maximizes return on investment. Our methodology helps you to:

  • Identify global standards and plant-specific needs
  • Visualize and analyze requirements in a virtual factory environment
  • Analyze and assess the effectiveness of organizational KPIs
  • Easily make any changes without disruption

We create a virtual factory environment that allows you to simulate your unique factory conditions in order to identify fitment and alignment of your current processes and KPIs. We help you assess your current business processes, data sources, and infrastructure and make improvements so that you have the best environment for your factories.

Success Highlight

For a Steel and Metals Production Company: Wipro delivered a gain of 11.5 million CAD/year in recurring benefits by implementing its strategy and methodology for MES implementation.