Smart Blocks Capability – Analytics

Smart Analytical Solutions are one of the most critical needs for organizations today. Many manufacturers face challenges with not having the right information from their manufacturing systems and processes when they need it. Although they know that they need more on-time and correct data, the challenge is how to make the promise of improved decision-making capabilities real.

How Wipro Helps

Manufacturers across the world are looking for targeted solutions that can improve data-driven decision making. We help you:

  • Identify key parameters that have the biggest impact on your organizational KPIs
  • Create necessary data sources to ensure that relevant real-time data is accurate and readily available
  • Pinpoint the scope of the solutions to maximize benefits in a short time frame through small-scale solutions called Smart Blocks

Our solutions allow you to get the data you need, when you need it. We create models that provide descriptive (what has happened), predictive (what will happen), and prescriptive (what should happen) analytical capabilities.

Success Highlight

For a Large Steel Manufacturer: Wipro helped improve production yield, quality and asset utilization. Since direct measurement of panel surface temperature is not possible during production, the client had to use weekly calibration runs. These calibration runs were costly and reduced productivity due to equipment unavailability when the temperature was measured. Wipro created statistical models to accurately predict plate temperatures in each heating zone, thus enabling the client to achieve cost savings of $12 to $16 million USD through elimination of majority of calibration runs.