Many manufacturers face issues with access to information on the shop floor and beyond – users in different roles like Planner, Supervisor, and Operator often need information when they are not at their desk or near a computer.

MiQ enables access to real-time information for different users on a variety of mobile devices. Manufacturing IQ System, MiQ, is a role-based Production, Planning, and Quality Management System that has been designed and pre-engineered to accelerate adoption of standards and technology.

How Wipro Helps

Our MiQ is a function-rich UI-centric solution that allows you to interact with critical business processes that are typically managed with standard manufacturing applications, and the rich UI extends from desktop to web to a mobile device of your choice.

Key Features:

  • Provides end users the capability to visualize and analyze real-time data on mobile platforms
  • Creates different views for different users based on each person’s specific information needs
  • Provides more accurate and timely data for analysis and decision making
  • Enables visual inspection of products through live 3D images


  • Empowers increased visualization on the shop floor
  • Improves productivity by enabling faster decision making with real-time access to information
  • For shop floor supervisors: timely execution of transactions with the ability to perform transactions while on the move leads to shorter response time and faster decision-making
  • For Schedulers: margins can be increased in a high volume and high mix production environment by using mixed-model manufacturing concepts
  • For Planners: real-time data access from anywhere leads to increased operational visibility and proper planning of resources
  • For Quality Inspectors: data availability on mobile devices ensures that everyone throughout the value chain is notified of defects, which leads to containment of errors and provides accurate time estimates, thus reducing downtime