Intelligent Systems

Downtimes caused because of machine failures and disconnect between design and market are considered to be issues that go hand in hand with manufacturing. The approach is mostly reactive when it comes to dealing with machine’s performance and slow when the product team tries to understand consumers’ expectations. Intelligent Systems provide an answer to both of these problems. These Smart machines and products enable improvement across all aspects of your operations, from design to supply chain to production and market.

How Wipro Helps

Our data-driven intelligent systems coupled with robust predictive models send alerts about potential failure and suggest possible solutions that allow you to track materials and products, self-adjust the production process, and capture market demand and response. We create these intelligent systems by:

Key Features:

  • Rapid Integration of various systems in use to enable data flow
  • Developing Smart Analytical Blocks that collect historical information and predict machine’s performance
  • Modelling corrective actions for various scenarios
  • Enabling information capture and storage when the products move from one stage to the next


  • Maximize uptime
  • Maximize asset utilization
  • Gains in operational efficiency
  • Automatically determines ideal inventory level
  • Faster decision making: Uses historic and market information to identify suppliers
  • Tracks materials and delivery
  • Risk elimination: Smart systems predict problems and suggest corrective actions
  • Allows incorporation of customer feedback into design