Factory Support

Fragmented and disconnected support both within and across plants can have a serious impact on a manufacturing organization’s performance. Our dedicated or shared Centers of Excellence support systems around the globe on a 24*7 basis and promote communication and efficiency as well as data sharing and availability.

How Wipro Helps

We are consistently providing our support services to some of the leading manufacturing firms and continuously improving their processes and systems. This enables our clients to achieve and exceed their business goals using minimal resources. Our expertise in this area improves your operations by providing:

  • Increased support efficiency
  • Development of Plant Shared Services Templates
  • Consolidation and migration of existing apps
  • Application monitoring

We standardize and implement best practices that minimize your internal support costs by transitioning application support to Wipro.

Through analyzing and standardizing existing and new systems and decommissioning redundant applications, we simplify and connect your landscape. Our support services enable you to have 24*7 factory monitoring to ensure continuous availability of systems and rapid resolution of any issues.

Success Highlight

For a Large Home Appliance Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): Wipro’s Unified Support Model enabled savings of 30% in support costs.